Key Peninsula Historical Society Secures Major Grant

Key Peninsula

The Key Peninsula Historical Society has achieved a significant milestone in its efforts to preserve local heritage by securing a major grant for a restoration project. The grant not only underscores the society’s dedication to safeguarding historical landmarks but also highlights the vital role community support plays in ensuring the longevity of cultural treasures. Preserving … Read more

Family-Friendly Society in Hong Kong due to Low Fertility Rates

Hong Kong

Hong Kong faces critical challenges in population growth due to its low fertility rate and an aging society. The fertility rate is significantly below replacement levels, and despite government efforts to encourage childbirth, young people face numerous challenges in starting families. This article discusses the factors contributing to the low fertility rate and the urgent … Read more

Shocking Incident at Noida Housing Society


A disturbing incident has come to light, showcasing a woman’s reckless driving at a housing society in Greater Noida. The video footage capturing this alarming event has stirred outrage and concern among viewers. As the incident unfolds, the Noida Police have swiftly taken action and initiated an investigation into the matter. A Reckless Turn of … Read more