Shocking Incident at Noida Housing Society

A disturbing incident has come to light, showcasing a woman’s reckless driving at a housing society in Greater Noida. The video footage capturing this alarming event has stirred outrage and concern among viewers. As the incident unfolds, the Noida Police have swiftly taken action and initiated an investigation into the matter.

A Reckless Turn of Events

In a 46-second-long video circulating online, a black Honda City can be see approaching the entrance of a housing society. However, what transpires next is a sudden, harrowing turn of events. The vehicle unexpectedly veers to the right and forcefully collides with three individuals who were present at the gate. The victims include a delivery boy, a mechanic from Vipul Motors, and a female security staff member. The driver of the sedan was a woman, accompanied by her daughter.

Unsettling Aftermath Captured on Video

Following the collision, a separate video has emerged, capturing the aftermath of the incident. The woman behind the wheel, now identified as the accused, is seen shouting at the gathered crowd. Adding to the distressing scene, her daughter joins in, shouting “shut up” at the bystanders and displaying a shocking lack of concern for the injured parties. Despite the evident need for immediate medical attention, the accused woman adamantly refuses assistance from the concerned residents. In a callous response, she states in Hindi that if they are genuinely concerned, they should take the injured individuals to receive medical treatment.

Outcry on Social Media Prompts Police Action

The video of the incident rapidly gained traction on social media platforms, prompting users to tag the Noida Police for attention. Responding promptly, the police release a statement affirming that appropriate measures had been take against the offender, and a thorough investigation had been launch to unravel the circumstances leading to the incident.

In a tweet, the Noida Police provided details of the victims involved in the collision. Umesh Kumar, a mechanic from Vipul Motors, Vijay Kumar, a delivery boy, and a woman security guard were the unfortunate individuals standing at the gate. Swift action was taken to transport the injure parties to a medical facility, where they were treate and are currently in stable condition.

Police Take Swift Action

The Noida Police further underscore their commitment to resolving the case by revealing that the black Honda City sedan involve in the incident had been impound. This measure ensures that the primary piece of evidence is preserve, aiding in the investigative process. The police have left no stone unturned in their pursuit of clarity regarding the incident.


The shocking incident at the Noida housing society serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of reckless driving and disregard for human safety. The captured footage has not only ignited a strong public reaction but has also led to the Noida Police’s prompt response. As the investigation unfolds, the hope is that justice will be serve, sending a clear message about the importance of responsible driving and the need to prioritize the well-being of fellow citizens on the road.